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Hip Hip Hip Horray!

What a gorgeous weekend it has been and a perfect opportunity to get a bit of sunburn! No seriously it has been so nice weather wise and has been a lovely change to be able to sit outdoors and relax. I have finally finished the Mrs Darcy Cardigan and here is it for all too see:) I dont think its the most flattering of pictures but you at least get to see the cardigan in all its finished glory! I just love the colour and its really soft, its just a shame its too warm to be wearing it.

This weekend however in the sun I have been making some stuffed birds, the idea of these birds it that they will either be stuffed catnip toys for kitty’s or will be hung with ribbon for little children to play with. These are made with recycled felt and some fleece I had lying around though I would like to be able to get more recycled felt to make ones for selling with. These birds were just some prototypes to decide which was the best way of making them for the different purposes. Here they are hiding out in their natural habitat.

Finally I just have a quick picture of another couple of the felted cupcakes I made the other week as we went to see my mum today so I could sneak them away for a sec:) My personal fave of them all is the blue green and pink one.

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Geek or Chic?

I love Bank Holidays, an extra long weekend its such a shame it always rains!

As usual like every weekend, I have been crafting away, although this weekend has been a little different as I have been able to see! Yes, thats right, I have picked up my new glasses! What do you think? Geek or Chic? Ill leave that to you to decide though I do rather like them!


So what have I been crafting? Well I have finally finished the ‘Mrs Darcy Cardigan’!!! YIPPEE and it is sat next to me Blocking. It looks rather odd at the minute but I am hoping it will turn out just fine and I will be able to do an FO ASAP. This has been much to Chris’s delight as I think he was getting a bit fed up of the amount of time it has taken me to complete this! I so hope I am pleased with the finished result.

I have decided that the next knitted project (apart from some swatches of Rialto Aran for felting) will be to knit some socks and I have found a lovely sock wool pictured below which has some gorgeous colour changes in it! I cant wait to see what they will look like once completed. The patternĀ is from lets knit issue 3, which reminds me I have signed up to Ravelry! can’t wait to get on there, it looks rather exciting! Anyway, here is the sock yarn, it somehow reminds me of the sea!


Anyway thats about it from me for now, Go get some dinner and go for a bit of gaming to relax for the rest of the Bank Holiday, got DDO yesterday for next to nothing so me and Chris will be giving it a go this afternoon.


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Birdie hair clip

Today whilst sewing up my Betz White cupcake pin cushion I came up with an idea and a pattern for making little birdie hair clips from recycled, felted charity shop sweaters. Obviously I had some scraps left, so this evening having a lack of anything else to do I have drawn up a pattern and made up this cute little birdie hair clip. I hope you love it as much as I do, he is so cute. I might post a birdie hair clip tutorial up soon as he was so fast and easy to make it seems silly not too.

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New ideas and a new face

For weeks I have been trying to make cakes for the family birthday meal out – woolen ones of coursešŸ˜‰ but all the patternsĀ I have tried so far just haven’t come out looking anything as good asĀ I would have hoped. In my search I came across Betz White‘s cupcakes in a recent issue of lets knitĀ magazine and so decided I best get knitting up a few swatches ready for when I get my copy of Betz’s book to find out how to make the wonderful thing! I have also been scouring a few charity shops for sweaters too felt, I have found some great ones, and shall definitely be moving into recycled felting for my monsters in future due to its eco friendly-ness.
Here is my first venture into the world of felting. I put it through the machine twice on 60 degrees and it has come out in this lovely fabric, im so pleased that it works – Bonus!
You can also see my first finished cupcake! About time, I found one which I love, and i know the women in my family will also love.

And lastly, but not leastly, I have ordered some new glasses today (yep its been one busy day and i’ve not had any tea yet!). I have put a picture of them on here, but not one of me in them, the picture that Chris took I dont like so you will all just have to wait to see me in them:). They are fab, and i cant believe there were such a funky plasticy pair that were small enough for my face! Just got to wait to pick them up now so I can fully embrace my inner geek!
Anyway, off for some eats now and then to watch Beowolf!

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