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Walter the Walrus

So I am part of the etsy stuffed team and we were recently challenged to create a marine life creature to sell in the stuffed team shop. I made Walter the Walrus! You can see him below. We are also having a competition to vote for the monsters so why not head over there to have a look at Walter along with the other entries.  Simply click here or on the photo of Walter to be directed to the site and don’t forget to vote for your fave.

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And the verdict…

Well a big thank you to everyone, especially Alys and Orlando for the weekend, I did actually manage to make some sales which I think is fab!  Here you can see a pic of all the plush monsters in their photo shoot before they went off to sale. Don’t they all look gorgeous! My fave is definitely Booberella in the yellow down the front.


The purchased monsters definitely favoured around the cat like ones. Although this is lovely as I love them all, I do wish some of the more unique ones were more popular. Betty as every was well loved though, who can resist her fluffyness!

So now I need to move on and make more. Obviously I will make new versions of the sold ones and will prob make some of the popular ones in a variety of colours  to appeal to a wider audience. I also decided that I needed a smaller monster range in the ‘I love those, but I’m not sure I want to spend that much’ market. This, the fact I love the colours and shape of Booberella and that my new handbag needed some brightening up have all inspired me to make the first experiment into plush monster keyrings.

keychain 1

I do absolutely love her,  she is appox 3 inch square, and I can’t wait to perade her around on my handbag tomorrow:).  She needs a little working on, as you can see her claw on one side has got sewn up which I need to try and avoid. Also, I think that next time I will embroider the face on. It is nice to be able to machine it on, but I am not a fan of the X eyes, they are not really cute enough and it is hard to machine sew anything else on such a small scale.

Well, I will be back soon with some more updates. Alys may be taking the monsters to a craft fair at the weekend so we will see how that goes as well. Also Harry Potter on Weds! I can’t wait😀

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Catnip Monsters Mk2

I decided it was about time that I tried sewing on the machine a bit more to get a bit more practiced. After the untimely death of the first catnip monster I made my first attempt at sewing monsters on the machine and made these simple, yet gorgeous cotton striped catnipped friends.

I have given the toothed version to our three new cats and after a few days, so far so good, he has stood the test of time. I shall pop the other two on Etsy in a couple of days and see how they get on there.

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Hip Hip Hip Horray!

What a gorgeous weekend it has been and a perfect opportunity to get a bit of sunburn! No seriously it has been so nice weather wise and has been a lovely change to be able to sit outdoors and relax. I have finally finished the Mrs Darcy Cardigan and here is it for all too see:) I dont think its the most flattering of pictures but you at least get to see the cardigan in all its finished glory! I just love the colour and its really soft, its just a shame its too warm to be wearing it.

This weekend however in the sun I have been making some stuffed birds, the idea of these birds it that they will either be stuffed catnip toys for kitty’s or will be hung with ribbon for little children to play with. These are made with recycled felt and some fleece I had lying around though I would like to be able to get more recycled felt to make ones for selling with. These birds were just some prototypes to decide which was the best way of making them for the different purposes. Here they are hiding out in their natural habitat.

Finally I just have a quick picture of another couple of the felted cupcakes I made the other week as we went to see my mum today so I could sneak them away for a sec:) My personal fave of them all is the blue green and pink one.

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