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Old Friends

Shhhh, I bought knitting goods!

I am getting a little excited now, I am off to visit old friends this evening for cups of tea, cakes and, oh yes, knitting!

Its amazing how such a little thing can get me completely obsessed again!

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Beaded Choker

I dont really have much to blog/show off this week but here goes. I got both my books and they are truly fantastic, I love them both they have some quirky ideas in them. I especially like the alternative festive hat and the two headed crocheted rat! but there are some other lovely bits in there like lacy crocheted gloves, over the knee socks and some wonderful sweaters/hoddies and coats for when I feel I have more time and the nights start getting a little darker.

I have knitted a lacy black choker for our night out last night where I drank far too much but did enjoy getting very dressed up, and of course looked fabulous. A good friend won free Bloodstock tickets again so I got to get one of them for free! So very exciting, I just hope the band get the opportunity to play.

I only wish I had a bit more inspiration to get making more monsters for my business idea! I am having trouble getting jumpers to felt and as this was the new idea behind making them i kind of feel I cant get anywhere. I will have to start making more of an effort to traul the charity shops next week.

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Bring on the darkside!

Im so excited that I had to blog today! I have ordered two books today, Anticraft and Domiknitrix, i cant wait to get crafty along with my darker side, i’m especially excited by the idea of a duct tape corset!!!! Eeek


I also have had my Ravelry invite:) so come and find me say hello etc though im still finding my way around, username is monstermagic of course.

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Geek or Chic?

I love Bank Holidays, an extra long weekend its such a shame it always rains!

As usual like every weekend, I have been crafting away, although this weekend has been a little different as I have been able to see! Yes, thats right, I have picked up my new glasses! What do you think? Geek or Chic? Ill leave that to you to decide though I do rather like them!


So what have I been crafting? Well I have finally finished the ‘Mrs Darcy Cardigan’!!! YIPPEE and it is sat next to me Blocking. It looks rather odd at the minute but I am hoping it will turn out just fine and I will be able to do an FO ASAP. This has been much to Chris’s delight as I think he was getting a bit fed up of the amount of time it has taken me to complete this! I so hope I am pleased with the finished result.

I have decided that the next knitted project (apart from some swatches of Rialto Aran for felting) will be to knit some socks and I have found a lovely sock wool pictured below which has some gorgeous colour changes in it! I cant wait to see what they will look like once completed. The pattern is from lets knit issue 3, which reminds me I have signed up to Ravelry! can’t wait to get on there, it looks rather exciting! Anyway, here is the sock yarn, it somehow reminds me of the sea!


Anyway thats about it from me for now, Go get some dinner and go for a bit of gaming to relax for the rest of the Bank Holiday, got DDO yesterday for next to nothing so me and Chris will be giving it a go this afternoon.


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Party, a woolly head and a little progress

Me, Chris and the family all went to Loch Fyne on sat night (after a heavy friday night and a sat spend having many hair of the dogs!) to celebrate the many many birthdays there are in the month of April and May for us. I managed to make four felted cakes in time for the occasion (although didnt manage to find a camera to take a pic of them in time, it all got rather rushed at the end). They went down very well though and I didnt have one left spare to keep for myself😦 looks like I will have to make me a new one. I will try and get a pic of the two my mum stole in the week as they are different from the one below.

Apart from that I have just been getting on with felting some shocking pink merino wool to be my Download festival hair. This is just done by cutting it to the desired lenghts, putting them in some hot soapy water and hand rolling them on a towel. As you can see they are very bright, and they are going to be so comfy and snuggly when they are in my hair!

And finally, now I have managed to sort out the cakes and that fiasco is over I have finally managed to get back onto making some more progress on the Mrs Darcy Cardigan. As you can see from the pic, im still only half way up the sleeve from the post prior to this, but at least I will have time to finish it now.




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Mrs Darcy Cardigan

I am currently making thw lovely ‘Mrs Darcy Cardigan’ in teal, the pattern of which can be found here.
This is only my fourth or fifth knit so its a little adventurous and i keep making the odd mistake but it is so beautiful it should all be worth it in the end.

Here you can see the colour that i am knitting it in, its Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and its lovely to the touch.


I am knitting them on a pair of 6.5mm needles which i made myself from some wooden dowling, sandpaper, a pencil sharpener and some fimo. I Love them.




I am also trying to knit some cakes for the familys birthdays but im not sure how successful this will be and whether i will actually finish it or not.

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