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A long time coming

Hi everyone, well that one month break at Christmas went on a little longer than I expected, life stuff, and lack of motivation have kept me away for a bit longer than it should really. However, thanks to seeing some of the great work some of my plushy friends out there have been doing, I am happy to say that I am feeling the urge a bit again. I think this time round though I will stick a bit more with web sales rather than trying to go all out and do a craft fair every week which just drained me with working full time as well.









So today I decided to get my toes wet again and made up this adorable fluffy batty cushion, it is very similar to my other batty designs but bigger, fluffier and more cuddly:) . It is a little more on the cushion theme which is the direction my work seems to be taking.










I do realise that there are a few of you out there who are after a yeti so I do aim to make up a few now as soon as possible (though you know they take me an age!), so dare I say it, watch this space.

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New Ice Cream Cushions

As some of you may have already noticed from Facebook and Flickr I have been making some Ice Cream Cushions! I love these to bits they are so cute, I just want to go and make lots lots more! But for now there are a small few until I find a few more spare hours. Anyways, here they are, and they are now listed on Etsy as well!

Now it is time to go and put a few more long overdue items in the shop!

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My Folklore Cushions

Around 6 months ago I bought some gorgeous My Folklore fabric designed by Lecien. I absolutely love this fabric and have been meaning to cover some cushions in it since we started looking to buy. Well considering we still haven’t got the Sofa I have been in no rush but last night I finally got round to sewing them. I imported the fabric from Germany, why is it so difficult to get these lovely fabrics in the UK?

And here are the finished cushions. I am so very pleased with them and can’t understand why I didn’t get round to this sooner. They are 50cm/20in feather cushion inserts and the covers include a zip across the bottom edge for easy removal and washing in the future. These pictures also give a sneak peak into the colour of my craft room:) although this was about all that was in the room. I also have some off cuts left, and expect to see some bits and bobs appearing in this fabric soon just because I love it so much. those birds are so cute.


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